When a woman undergoes a mastectomy, with or without reconstruction, she is faced with many emotional and physical issues. The Post-op Top, which was designed by one of my double mastectomy/reconstruction patients, provides comfort both right after surgery, as well as during the entire recovery process. I am truly impressed with this product and the overall comfort and well-being it brings to my patients.
— Ashton A. Kaidi, MD, FACS Diplomate, the American Board of Plastic Surgery Chairman, Department of of Plastic Surgery, Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA

Four years ago, in 2006, I faced breast cancer. My future was a mastectomy. There were many things I remember with that surgery - one was the horrible drains that I was sent home with after surgery. I had 12 inches of tubing coming out of my chest and at the end of the tube were these horrible drains, (I call them Grenades). There they were just dangling out of me, every time I changed my clothes, I had to safety pin them to my top.

To say the least, they were a nuisance.

It is now 2010, another mastectomy for the remaining breast, but this time after surgery I was prepared. My cousin recommended I wear these specially made tops that have pouches built in them, they were there to hold the drains that I would once again be sent home with after surgery. I could not believe what a difference it made in my recovery. The peace of mind I had knowing that they were in “place” much like a Kangaroo, it had a “Home” a Pouch. No more safety pins, no more worrying that I might catch them on something, just peace of mind and comfort
so I could focus on recovery.

I would recommend these to anyone who may
someday face this type of surgery. Thank you!
— Sylvia Schierberl

When faced with breast cancer, there are far fewer knowns than there are unknowns. I was scheduled for a double mastectomy less than 4 weeks after my diagnosis, so there was a great deal of information to research and learn about in a short time. I was blessed with a circle of women who not only helped me understand some of the challenges I would face, both physical and emotional, but who also provided me with solutions to those challenges.

My Post-Op Top was one of those solutions - it was a wonderful “known” that I was able to touch, but it also gave me the opportunity to take charge my comfort, when so much was out of my control. Each step, from ordering the top to opening the package, washing it and then packing it for my trip to the hospital, really did give me strength and courage for the challenge I faced.

Wearing it home from the hospital, and in the weeks that followed, gave me tremendous comfort during a difficult time.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Post-Op Top for any woman facing breast cancer surgery. The built-in pockets for the drains are key and truly make the healing process more comfortable. Finally, I cannot say enough about the compassionate and wonderfully responsive Customer Service team who ensured that I received exactly what I needed, when I needed it.
— Christine Hawley, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you Post-op Top for making such a cool and fashionable top for my mom to wear during her recovery from her double mastectomy. It was exactly what she wanted, the top was relaxed , easy to put on and super cute. It really perked her up when she came home from the hospital.

You can tell you thought of everything.
— Gina Kehr, Redwood City, CA

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