About LBC Post-op Top

Our mission at Post-op Top is to provide comfortable, fashionable and affordable clothing for women to wear after surgery for a breast cancer procedure or any breast augmentation procedure.

One of the founders of Post-op Top, Lesa Behrens, was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in May of 2008. Following Lesa’s double mastectomy surgery she could barely move her arms and had drainage tubes attached to her body. No one explained the severity of all of this to her before her surgery; therefore she wasn’t sure what to expect. She planned to wear a hooded sweatshirt home from the hospital. Instead, she wore her hospital gown, because there was no other choice.

At Post-op Top, we want to make sure women are comfortable when they leave the hospital and during their recovery period. As the family and friends of these women, we believe this is a great way for us to keep our mothers, sisters, daughters or grandmothers comfortable during their experience. All of our tops are designed to button or zip up, therefore accommodating the limited mobility experienced post-op. The material is also soft enough to sleep in, and contains a bit of stretch to maintain its shape.

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